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Our Dogs: Photo Gallery, Album 7

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Click on any thumbnail below to see a larger version of the Domani Tibetan Terrier in a new window, or click on an album number above to see another album of candid photos.

Black-and-white Tibetan Terrier sitting on asphalt pavementGray-and-white Tibetan Terrier lying on green ground coverLong-haired gray-and-white Tibetan Terrier sitting near holiday presents and holiday treeFamily of six with their six Tibetan TerriersShort-trimmed gray-and-white Tibetan Terrier standing on grass in front of garden areaBlack-and-white Tibetan Terrier puppy sitting near pink decorative pillow in front of purple backgroundBlack-and-white Tibetan Terrier puppy sitting near pink decorative pillow in front of purple backgroundThree black Tibetan Terrier puppies playing with brightly colored soft toysBlack-and-white Tibetan Terrier standing on snowClose-up of the face of a long-haired sable-and-white Tibetan TerrierShort-haired gray-and-white Tibetan Terrier sitting on a pink pillow in front of a windowTwo girls lying on a pad on a parquet floor with six young Tibetan Terrier puppiesThree very small sable Tibetan Terrier puppies snuggled togehter in a white blanketBlack-and-white Tibetan Terrier lying on a soft beige blanket in fromt of a brown backgroundLong-haired, mostly white Tibetan Terrier looking up while standing on grassBlack-and-white Tibetan Terrier puppy lying in a soft white blanket next to a brown decorative pillow on a brown flowered couchBlack-and-white Tibetan Terrier puppy looking up at the camera while standing on asphalt pavementThree small black-and-white Tibetan Terrier puppies nestled together in a pink blanketClose-up of the face of a sable Tibetan Terrier sitting on pea gravel, with two other Tibetan Terriers lying down in the backgroundWoman sitting on stone steps with four Tibetan Terriers, two mostly white and two black and white

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