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Lori Toth with black-and-white Tibetan Terrier named ParkerLet me introduce myself. My name is Lori Toth and I breed Tibetan Terriers under the kennel name of Domani. I chose the name Domani to represent my dogs because it means ‘tomorrow’ in Italian. This name helps to express my dedication to my goal, which is to preserve and protect the future of this wonderful and ancient breed. 

My passion for dogs is part of my earliest memories and begins with a story that has been told many times over in my family. When I was about three years old there was a short period of time when my family did not have a dog. I was very sad without a dog, so one day, to cheer me up, our neighbor invited me to their house to meet their three-week-old litter of English Setter puppies. I was so excited and charmed by the puppies that I did not want to leave them. So, the next day I toddled over to the neighbor’s house and took them, one by one, from their sleeping Mom and brought them back to my house. Naturally it was quite a surprise when the entire litter of puppies was discovered in bed with me, surrounded by pillows and my favorite toys. Very soon after that my parents got me a dog of my own, a purebred Collie, which I adored for many years.

I grew up on a farm in New England and spent most of my life extensively involved with dogs and horses, where every part of every day revolved around the care, feeding and well-being of our animals. My family owned a riding stable where we taught hunt seat equitation and dressage. We also bred, raised, trained, and showed Thoroughbred horses. Along with showing horses I became involved with showing dogs in obedience and conformation. Through the years I worked with dogs in many capacities, at a vet hospital, a boarding kennel, a grooming shop, and was involved in training and exhibiting many different breeds of dogs. 

Tibetan Terriers have been my primary focus since the mid 90’s. The future of this breed is important to me. I carefully plan each breeding by choosing only the most exceptional quality adults who have passed all their health exams and have proven themselves by competing successfully in the show ring. 

My desire is to raise happy healthy Tibetan Terrier puppies for wonderful family companions.  My dogs are my constant companions, my heart, my spirit, and my driving force in each day. I can only hope that they will give you the same blessing of enchantment and steadfast companionship that I am privileged to enjoy.

Black-and-white Tibetan Terrier sitting in front of a windowTan-and-white Tibetan Terrier trotting on grassMostly black Tibetan Terrier sitting on grass

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