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Adoption: The Process

In all adoptions it is absolutely essential to match each dog with the proper home. Since each Tibetan Terrier is unique, a review of the prospective owners is undertaken to determine what they desire in a companion. We then try to match the puppy whom seems to exhibit those qualities. While we believe Tibetan Terriers are the best dog one could hope to have as a long-term friend, we understand there are many breeds to choose from. At times, our review indicates that another breed should be pursued.

It is helpful if you educate yourself on the characteristics of Tibetan Terriers to make sure they match your personality. You may click on the Useful Links page to find a wealth of information, including the breed standard, characteristics, appearance, grooming requirements, and other special traits. If your choices still include Tibetan Terriers, please call us to discuss your options.

We do not ship young puppies as cargo, but we can meet you at the airport for you to carry your new puppy on board. Also, occasionally ground transportation can be arranged. Your personal visit to Domani Tibetan Terriers is preferred. There is no better way to make your life-changing decision. Please call us (703-550-5336) to arrange your visit. We look forward to having the opportunity to meet you and to begin a wonderful new friendship.

Small black-and-white Tibetan Terrier puppy sitting on a purple blanket in front of three decorative pillows pillowThree small mostly black Tibetan Terrier puppies lying nestled together on a soft beige blanketTan-and-white Tibetan Terrier puppy lying on a beige rug in front of decorative pillows

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