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About Tibetan Terriers

The honorable history of Tibetan Terriers is filled with stories passed on from generation to generation about the superior companionship these magnificent dogs provide. One of the oldest breeds, Tibetan Terriers have been said to be bred as herders, guard dogs, or simply as companions. Tibetan Terriers were so highly valued in their native Tibet that they were never sold, but were sometimes given as gifts for good luck or for companionship on a long trip. A detailed history can be found on the Tibetan Terrier Club of America's website.

The American breed standard for Tibetan Terriers can be found on the AKC website at

Black-and-white Tibetan Terrier standing on browned-out grassGold-and-white Tibetan Terrier standing in front of snow-covered logsMostly black Tibetan Terrier lying on a white tile floor

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