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Our Dogs: Photo Gallery, Album 5

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Click on any thumbnail below to see a larger version of the Domani Tibetan Terrier in a new window, or click on an album number above to see another album of candid photos.

Small sable Tibetan Terrier puppy with toysLong-haired black-and-white Tibetan Terrier standing on groundCouple holding tan-and-white Tibetan TerrierClose-up of the face of a black-and-white Tibetan TerrierMostly white Tibetan Terrier sitting on a wooden bench near a treeSable Tibetan Terrier puppy in a soft brown basket with toysThree small sable Tibetan Terrier puppies in a soft brown basketBlack-and-white Tibetan Terrier puppy on a soft beige blanketBlack-and-white Tibetan Terrier puppy with front paws on large logTan-and-white Tibetan Terrier puppy on red blanket with a rose across her front legsGray-and-white Tibetan Terrier sitting on leaves near a logBlack-and-white Tibetan Terrier puppy on a lavender blanket with brightly colored soft toys and pillowsSable-and-white Tibetan Terrier on pea gravelMostly black Tibetan Terrier lying on green grassBlack-and-white Tibetan Terrier standing on the ground and looking upLong-haired, mostly white Tibetan Terrier standing on grassSix sable small Tibetan Terrier puppies around a feeding stationFace of a black-and-white Tibetan Terrier puppy lying on a holiday-colored blanketTwo small children, each holding a Tibetan Terrier puppy, one black and white, the other tan and whiteLong-haired black-and-white Tibetan Terrier lying on a purple quilt near a plaid pillow

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